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Way back in the early 2000s, the founding fathers of Oxford School had dreamt of a school that could fulfill the global aspirations of its students. We dreamt of a school where learning would be a joyful experience; where there would be no lurking fear in the minds of the students while entering the portals of this institution; where the students would willingly attend the school and go back smiling. We also dreamt of a school where core moral values would form the bedrock of a school which would provide brain friendly and health friendly environment, which would mean that the students would learn through analysis, discussions, dissection and through in-depth thinking; where apart from the physical health of the students, their emotional and psychological health would also be its chief concern.

The School has achieved all this during a short span of six years with the persistent & tireless efforts of the teachers who had always wanted Oxford School to be different & unique in more ways than one from other schools. It is now a top ranking school having displayed brilliant results in Board exams and extraordinary performance in all spheres of school life. It is now the preferred choice of the Mojitos.

The School could achieve all this through its transparent functioning and by setting up systems and sub-systems which could click with each other to produce the desired results.