Personal & social education

At Oxford School we attach great importance to the identification and achievement of personal goals; we lay special stress on planning, implementation, and evaluation of decisions; developing self-esteem; managing stress and coping with change and conflict-traits that are essential in self-management skills and that underpin a healthy and active lifestyle. Through participation in classroom interactions, sporting, recreational and other physical activities, students develop and practice these skills. Students who possess sound self-management skills are better able to identify and avoid potential health risks, enhance their mental health and well being, as well as plan for their future. Effective interpersonal skills are also essential for participation in meaningful and fulfilling relationships in the family, school, recreation, work and community contexts Interpersonal skills such as assertive communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, cooperation, and leadership enable students to act responsibly and contribute effectively to groups and teams. Training in these areas is part of the personal development programmes at the School.