• God Experience: To help the students to realize the presence of God within themselves and in others. Teach them to pray and live in accordance with the dictates of God.
  • Compassionate Love for All, Especially the Poor and the Marginalized: To motivate our staff and students to love compassionately the poor and the marginalized, especially the rural and the girls.
  • Communion, Collaboration, Team Spirit: To inculcate the spirit of teamwork and foster communion and collaboration in our institutions.
  • Excellence in Terms of Developing Each one’s Unique Potentialities to Build a Just and Humane Community: To facilitate the staff and students to develop their multiple intelligence and also to enhance their positive self-image and self-esteem. To guide the pupils to seek knowledge which leads to truth and to make learning a joyful experience of discovery and creative thinking.
  • Truth, Love, Justice, and Peace: To respect and uphold the rights and dignity of every human being, to be loving, transparent, accountable and just in our personal and institutional life and work diligently for peace.
  • The simplicity of Life Style and Dignity of Labour: To instill in the staff and students the value of dignity of labor, the simplicity of life and community service.
  • Respect for Life, Nature, Culture, Religion, and Love for the Nation: To promote love and profound respect for Nature and all forms of Life, Culture, Religion.